Altai Mountain Goat: a Wool-Heavy Breed of Domestic Goats

Altai Mountain Goat is a breed that was created in the mid-40s, in the Soviet Union. It was in the town of Gorno-Altai, where it originated. The name of this breed comes from the name of the region where they come from and the places they inhabit. Its predecessor was the Don goats along with the local goats, which contributed and improved the genetics of the Altai Mountain goats.

Altai Mountain Goat

Characteristics of Altai Mountain Goat:

Altai Mountain Goat is a large breed with a robust body. The males weigh between 65 and 70 Kg. While the females weigh between 40 and 45 Kg. Although there is a similarity between the other regional breeds and that grow very slowly, the difference is that the growth of this breed is maintained for 6 years.

This breed produces wool around its body, but all remain the same size. In addition, this breed is good for meat production, since it rapidly increases in weight in a short time. This breed is heavier and larger than the rest of the goats in the region, surpassing the rest of the breeds by 10 kilos.

Of equal, they arrive to produce of 3 to 4 times more quantity of wool than the rest of the local species. The coat grows to around 10 centimeters and the color of the coat becomes black or dark gray.

It is a very resistant race both to extreme weather conditions and too difficult places to inhabit, such as mountains. Both the male and the female have medium-sized horns, which grow with a backward tilt.


Altai Mountain Goat is a multipurpose race. Since wool production is mainly used, the percentage of wool in the fleece is 70%. That is why cashmere production has increased from 3,000 to 4,000 kg per year. However, this breed is also raised by the production of meat, as it produces high-quality, high-quality meat.

Although the breed is also used to improve the pedigree of other breeds since they contribute to their offspring the improvement in wool production. In addition, it also transmits the adaptation genes to harsh conditions. This breed can produce wool all year round. On the other hand, females produce milk with a high content of fat.


Altai Mountain Goat feeds with intensive grazing. It can be maintained on grass all year round. Their diet principally consists of grasses, herbs, and plants, they can graze all day. It is a race that is cheap in the aspect of expenses since the breeders should not invest much in their diet. But they must shepherd her.

Special Characteristics:

Altai Mountain Goat is a highly resistant breed that adapts easily to intensive grazing, on land that few goats can reach. Another quality that stands out in this race is that the wool produces reaches 10 centimeters by shearing.

This breed can be shared at any time of year since it does not deteriorate. And the wool of this breed is of good quality and dark colors and is valuable for the small and medium industry. The quality of the coat is maintained, and there is no difference between the wool that is produced on the thighs or on the sides.

In addition, the males produce a total of 900 grams, while the women produce a total of 600 grams. In addition, regardless of the feeding, the quality of the wool does not vary. And the wool is resistant as long as it is not shear below 7 centimeters in length.

There are specialized farms in Russia that are dedicated to the breeding of pedigree goats. And it is in these farms where the production of young goats with pedigrees has increased, in the early 1980s the goat population reached 10.000 individuals. And the production of meat was also increased to 4.000 kilos in the year.

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