Barbari Goat Information & Guide

The Barbari Goat is a race that originated in the east of the African continent. Currently, this breed is obtained in several regions throughout India. The name of this breed comes from its area of origin, which is Bebera in the region of Somalia. Although it is still not explained how the Barbari race came to India.

The most profitable theory is that merchants of medieval times transported this race to India. This breed is implemented in India as a breed for the development of the economy and is one of the breeds most found in goat breeding programs.


The Barbari goat is a small size breed. Also, the male of this breed weighs 38 kg when he is an adult, and reaches 65 centimeters in length. While women have less weight than males but are longer, they weigh up to 23 kg and long they measure 75 centimeters.

The coat of this breed comes in different shades, but the ones that are most common are white with brown spots, or white with black spots. In addition, the white color is varied, it is available in milk-white and cream, also comes in gold.

The spots on the coat do not have a specific pattern, they are small and are scattered around the body. In addition, the males of this breed have a large and very thick beards. Both males and females are antlers, which are slanted back, are medium in size, and have the shape of a cone, with pointed tips.

It is a breed that adapts easily to any type of climate, it can be from cold climates to warm climates. Usually, males, when they are small, are castrated to fatten easily. This breed is suitable to reproduce at an early age, between 18 and 20 months they are ready to procreate. And the period between the birth and the new procreation is around 10 months.

In addition, this race has double pregnancies, although the majority of the time it has triple pregnancies, the individual pregnancies are very few. That is why it is considered a productive breed, which is very common throughout India. The breeding period of this breed lasts around 150 days. And it gets to produce around 130 to 200Kg. in the period of lactation.


The Barbari goat is a race with a single purpose, this breed is used for the production of meat. This breed to a lesser degree it is used for milk production. Although his milk is very tasty and with a fat rate of around 5%. However, this breed is also used for crossbreeding with other species, so it comes to give good offspring.


The Barbari goat his diet is very basic, usually, this breed is fed with intense grazing, as well as leaves, grass, and grass. There are certain foods that provide nutrients for its proper development, including corn, barley, and wheat. With an adequate diet, this breed has a good feed conversion. So it gets to quickly increase in weight.

Special Characteristics:

The Barbari goat is resistant, however, the breeder has to apply the vaccines in the established times so that its resistance to diseases is greater. Something that catches the attention of this breed is that it has bulging eyes and this is because the bone of the orbit is broad enough.

The spots of this breed make it very attractive, and attracts the attention of people, have come to compare its silhouette with that of a deer. This breed is totally alert, they catch very quickly the presence of other animals or other people who are nearby.

The infant mortality rate in this breed is very low compared to other breeds. This is because the milk production of this breed is sufficient for their small goats. Also, the Barbari goat is a very profitable breed for the commercial production of goats.

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