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Danish Landrace Goat

Danish landrace goat is a very old breed, which comes from Denmark. Its name comes from its…

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Somali Goat Bread Information

The Somali Goat has its name from its place of origin than in Somalia Kenya.┬áThe Somalia species…

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West African Dwarf Goat

The West African dwarf goat is native and nowadays is in Sierra Leone. This breed is descended…

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Golden Guernsey Goat

Researchers have not discovered what the exact origin of this Golden Guernsey Goat breed. However, scientists agree…

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Appenzell Goat

Appenzell goat is found mainly in the cantons of Appenzell and Saint Gallen, in Switzerland. The name…

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Murciana goat

The Murcian goat is the main goat breed of milk in Spain. It is a native race…