Characteristics details of Changthangi goat

Changthangi goat is a breed that comes from India from a region that usually has a cold climate. The origin of this race comes from the coldest area of India called Changpa from there comes its name. Although it is also known as Pashmina goat.


Changthangi goat is a medium-sized breed. The bodies of both male and female are equal measures, the only thing that varies between them is the weight. The males weigh around 30 Kg. The body measures them around 52 centimeters and they reach a height of 53 centimeters.

While the females weigh up to 28 Kg. They measure 53 centimeters long, and they reach a height. This breed is usually born with white color, although brown varieties have also been found.
The fur grows uniformly around the whole body, which is abundant and long, although the threads become rough. In addition, this race has a small beard.

changthangi goat

The production of wool is very good, they produce about 900 grams of wool in 1 year. Another thing that catches the attention of this goat is the huge curved horns, which extend to the sides. Both the male and female of this breed have horns. And they can be white, brown or black.

The ears on their parts are straight of medium size and have a downward inclination. On the other hand, females of this species have a low milk production, producing about half a liter of milk per day. In general, this breed is in good condition to reproduce at the age of 20 months. And once a year this race comes into heat.

While the females last around 150 days in gestation. The majority of deliveries are individual, in very few cases are births of twins or multiples in this breed.


Changthangi goat is a breed that is primarily used for the production of pashmina. Since it produces a wool of good quality, and very fine. With which they can produce the pashmina. Which is a benefit for the breeders since they trade it and sell it at a good price? The pashimins that are produced with this race are exported around the world.

Although it is also produced for the production of its meat in very few quantities. However, formerly it was raised for this purpose. Furthermore, despite the fact that milk production is low, the milk of this breed is of good taste and has several vitamins.


Changthangi goat is a breed that can be maintain fed through intense grazing. And even though they feed and collect their food, the feed conversion is very good. Although there are some breeders who add leaves to their diet, coconut oil cakes to increase their weight. They also add hay, alfalfa, corn, grass, and fodder to their food.

Special Characteristics:

Changthangi goat is a very resistant breed which can live in places where temperatures are very cold. The course and abundant wool that it produces helps to conserve the heat and that they are not affected by the climate.

Even this race is located somewhere in India, which is one of the regions that are at one of the highest altitudes in the world. Although they can adapt easily to any climatic condition that surrounds it. Due to its good wool production, this breed is the high value for its breeding.

There are even breeders who have introduced this breed to their farm since the wool production of this boosts the economy. It is a breed that is usually raised and domesticated, and they are produced in nomadic communities, in a region of India called Changpa.

Even this race once came to be a clone. Today this breed is in danger of extinction.

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