Damascus Goat: Information and Photos of Goat

Damascus goat is originally from Asia, mainly from Saudi Arabia and Syria. It is one of the most beautiful goats in the world. Due to its peculiar shape, it makes it unique and differentiated from others. The Damascus goat is a strange specimen for the population, it is not common to see it. What many ignore is that, in fact, it is a breed that is raised only for the intake of meat, milk, and skin. The damask goat is also known as Damascene, Shami, Chami, Aleppo, Baladi, and Halep. Its peculiarities are to denote, it is from there that it is considered so strange. If it were a comparison, we could see it as the ‘bulldog’ because its size is slightly that of a normal goat and its face is short.

Characteristics of Damascus Goat:

The Damascus goat is a medium-sized breed. Although the body of this race is long, the legs and neck are also long. He also has a large nose and a mouth that has jumped out of his skull, his eyes are small in proportion to his head.

In general, this race is mostly black. Although its fur can be several shades of coffee, gray and white. In addition to that the coat is smooth, and of good length. This animal is simply to admire, on other continents, it is extremely rare.

This animal usually will always find it in any yard or farm of some sheik or millionaire character. Since his milk is very rich in protein, low in fat and is usually taken freshly milked.

The delicious cheese they make with the milk of the goat damask is traded all over the world. With which they come to produce flavored cheeses and jam. There are also countless gourmet recipes with derivatives of this food.

Usually, these goats are usually born with long ears and the size of their face is normal, point to highlight if what they want is to feed on the mother. After a while, the damask goat begins to undergo a transformation and its appearance finally changes.

It is the variety of goats that produces more milk and, in addition, 50% of them usually give birth to twin offspring. Although they have become pregnant 3 to 4 goats. Births are more likely to be multiple than an individual.

The children of this race come to grow very fast and this is due to the good milk produced by the females of this breed. Something incredible about this breed is that it has won the prize of the “Most Beautiful Goat”. It is very famous in goat competitions.


Damascus Goat is a multipurpose race. This animal has been domesticated and is mostly used for milk production in that region of the world. This breed makes it one of the largest producers in the world. In addition, the milk of this race has many proteins and is very easy to digest. Being highly-priced and sold to cheese producers in the region. So whoever owns a goat of these will never need to buy milk.

Although it has also been raised by the production of meat, as a pet, and even for the production of leather. When this species crosses with other species, the Damascus Goat provides the excellent genes of milk and meat to their offspring. This breed has come to cross with the Boer race and the Sirohi race.

Special Characteristics:

There are people who consider the Damascus Goat to be a beautiful and admirable animal. For example, in 2008 there was a celebration in Saudi Arabia, it was a festival where damask goats were the main attraction. These animals were evaluated with great care and those who managed to stand out happened to be sold. Those goats that comply with the characteristics sought, considering the same as “beautiful”.

Will be valued and, subsequently, sold in an amount greater than 60 thousand dollars. This breed may seem the fruit of a genetic experiment carried out in a laboratory. But the truth is that in the thousand and one nights it is already mentioned. There are people who have come to compare this species with a dinosaur.

Although this race has very particular and unique characteristics, there are people who believe that this breed is the product of the crossing of 2 races. Since generally in India, they look for the creation of exotic animals, and they obtain it by means of hybrids.

But, far from being a spawn of nature, it is believed that the appearance of this specimen is totally intentional and that it responds to a need of its owners. Sometimes, breeders of exotic animals keep animals with the most exaggerated characteristics to transmit their genes to the rest of the herd.

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