The Girgentana Goat: The Goat of Agrigento

The Girgentana goat is a specific breed, the only native animal of Sicily. Its name comes from the city where it was developed that is from Agrigento, and today it is also preserved in that area. The Ggirgentana goat has its origins in the goat Markhor, the native goat from northern Afghanistan and Baluchistan. And this Markor goat is a kind of goat linked with antelopes.

Imported probably by the Greeks who are in the vicinity of Agrigento. There are historians who date from the existence of this race 700 years before Christ, and that the first place where it was was in Greece. Even studies indicate that the fur and length of the horns of this breed were inherited by the Asian ancestors that gave the fruit to this breed.

Characteristic of Girgentana Goat :

Girgentana goat is a medium-sized breed. The males weigh around 65 Kg. And they reach a height of 85 centimeters. While the adult females weigh a total of 65 Kg. And they reach a height of around 80 centimeters. What makes them special is especially their antlers in helical form and are straight up, which are large.

Its horns undoubtedly look like a work of art, endowed with great architecture, and are very striking to the eye. Going to measure the horns of the males around 70 centimeters. While the chicks of the females are short and straight. The coat of this race is thick, long white, although they are also born in brown.

Sometimes the coat comes with spots, which are located around the body or on the face. Even this race has a beard. The ears of this breed become medium, and they are straight, turning sideways. This breed is suitable to reproduce at 15 months of age.


Girgentana goat is a breed of milk and wool. Getting to produce a milk of excellent quality, which is well balanced since it has equal amounts of protein and fat. Therefore, the breeders mainly produce it to obtain milk. The females arrive to produce around 400 Kg of milk in the year.

Its milk is used to make excellent cheese. The breeders come to mix the cheese with other species to achieve a unique and very tasty flavor. The maximum that has come to produce a female of this breed is 3 liters of milk in a day. The reason why breeders in Italy look for this breed to produce it. And that this feature makes it the preferred among other species.

In addition to that, it can also be used as a pet, since they are very friendly, and can interact with humans. This is a very intelligent breed.

Special Characteristic:

This was a race with a large population, at the beginning of the 50, the population came to count the 30,000 individuals. However, with the passage of time, this number has been in decline, reaching to enter the species in danger of extinction.

This is one of the 8 native races of Italy, even in the country there is an association and they keep a record of the pure races. And due to its drastic reduction, measures have been taken to continue with the purity of the race and to achieve the increase of it.

At the end of 2013, the number of individuals of this breed was below 400. The association is not the only one fighting to increase the number of these species. The farmers have also seen themselves in the task of increasing the herds because, in addition to preserving the breed, it generates good incomes.

Formerly this race was very admired for its beauty, there were even thousands of spectators who came to see this race. It is a resistant race and adapts to the different types of climate to which it is exposed.

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