Goat Farming Tips

Goat farming has become a very profitable business especially since goats are multi-functional. Many farmers have realized that they can keep goats for milk, meat, fiber and many other purposes such as goat shows.

All these reasons for goat rearing are profitable but only if the farmer knows how to take proper care of the goats. Goat farming is a low investment venture considering the multi-functional nature of goats. When a farmer keeps goats he can get a variety of products from which he can earn from especially if he considers value addition to some of the produce.

A dairy goat farmer can come up with many more products from the milk he gets from the goats. These include milk powder, milk cream, and butter. These products fetch more than milk does. However, income from the milk of goats is equally good as long as the farmer finds ways of maximizing the yield from the goats.

The leather industry also thrives because of the fiber that is gotten from the goats. The quality of fiber from goats is quite luxurious and is used in making high-quality cashmere that is in high demand. Goat meat is the healthiest red meat. This is why a large number of meat-eaters in the US prefer eating goats’ meat.

The demand for goats’ meat is so high that at least half of the meat consumed is imported to meet the deficit. This is one of the reasons why farmers need to find ways to increase the supply so as to meet this demand that has forced the importation of goats’ meat.

Goats do not require much space so they can be reared with other animals. These are small-sized animals that do not require a lot of attention. However, they still require some attention especially when it comes to feeding. Fortunately, goats do not require much in terms of equipment, labor, and capital. It is one of the businesses that can be pulled off with minimal input.

Rules of the thumb on goat farming:

  • Choose highly productive breeds of goats
  • Seek advice from successful goat farmers in your area
  • Have adequate space to allow for free movement of goats especially because they like moving in groups.
  • Find out the equipment you need to make your work easier
  • Goats need fresh food and water
  • Pregnant does, breeding bucks and kids require extra attention
  • When mating, bucks need more nutritious food
  • During summer, goats need salt and minerals added to their drinking water

Starting a farm for goats:

Just like any other business, it is important to have a business plan and possibly carry out a feasibility study. You need to set up a business where access to the market will not cost you a fortune. You should reduce your costs as much as possible if you are to see the impact of goat farming.

Sselecting the farming area:

  • Clean and fresh water supply
  • Available source of food for the goats
  • Fertile land for you to plant the green food required by the goats. This will keep the goat’s healthy while at the same time reducing your feeding costs
  • Available labor all the time. If you are starting small, you may start by employing family labor but once the business takes off you will need more labor.
  • Readily available veterinary services near the location of the farm. Bringing in a vet from afar will be costly.
  • Ready market near the farm for easy sale of your produce

Housing for the goats:

Housing for the goats is very important if you are to have a profitable goat business. Many small-scale farmers choose to keep their goats with other animals but if you are to do commercial goat farming, the quality of housing for the goats is very important.

Proper housing should give the goats adequate space for proper disease control and protection from predators. When constructing a shelter for the goats, it is important to install a good drainage system with adequate ventilation. The house should be easy to clean and should be kept dry at all times.

Feeding the goats:

Although goats feed on shrubs, weeds, herbs, and different plants, it is important to ensure consider their energy, fiber, vitamin and water requirements.
When doing commercial goat farming, you need to feed the goats appropriately if you are to get the optimum output.

Important tips on the care of goats:

  •  Avoid feeding the goats contaminated food
  •  Just as polluted water is harmful to human beings, it is the same for goats
  • Separate the kids, bucks and does when housing them
  • Always have a good relationship
  • Avoid mating the same buck with many does
  • After birth, keep kids with their mothers for a few weeks before separating them
  • Use artificial insemination whenever necessary especially if you want to improve the breed of goats.
  • Always vaccinate your goats in a timely manner to ensure you have healthy goats
  • Always stock the necessary medicine and vaccines

Vaccination of the goats:

It is important to know the diseases that are known to attack goats so that you can look out for the symptoms. This way you will be able to deal with it because the disease spreads from one goat to the rest.

These diseases include goat pox, foot and mouth disease, anthrax and many more. One way of keeping these diseases at bay is by keeping the living space of the goats clean and ensuring the goats get their vaccination dozes in time.

Advantages of goat keeping:

  • Low investment required
  • Small area for housing
  • Goats are good breeders. You can easily grow the numbers of goats in a very short time. If you get the good breeds, they easily produce multiple kids
  • They mature fast and are ready to reproduce by the age of 12 months.
  • Goats are highly adaptive in almost all areas including drought-prone areas. Therefore the risks are much lower compared to other animals.
  • There are no religions that are against the consumption of goats meat
  • Meat and milk from goats are cholesterol-free and can be easily digested. In fact, often doctors have been known to recommend goat milk to milk from cows.
  • Goats have multiple functions. You can get milk, meat, fiber, and manure at the same time.
  • Compared to other animals, goats do not suffer from disease attacks as much

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