Golden Guernsey Goat: A Rare Breed of Dairy Goat

Researchers have not discovered the exact origin of this Golden Guernsey Goat breed. However, scientists agree that the Guernsey gold goat among others Maltese blood, French and Syrian origin. The Golden Guernsey goat, which takes its name from the Golden Fleece, and several centuries for the Channel Islands. Golden Guernsey Goat is a rare species of goat of the Bay of Guernsey on the Channel Islands. The suspicion that there flows the blood of Malta in the veins of Guernsey of gold because the Maltese goat was taken frequently as the ships that return to the Channel Islands.

Moreover, according to the stories of the Saanen goat, deer-colored goat, Poitou and the goat from Syria have also contributed to the creation of Guernsey gold. They were first brought to Britain in 1965 and a sub-race has evolved known as British Guernsey.

Characteristics of Golden Guernsey Goat:

As its name indicates, the golden guernsey goat is a race of golden color, with tones ranging from light blond to deep bronze. Even though a race is of only one color, small white spots are allowed. This breed is smaller and with finer bones than other British milking breeds.

And there is a great variety of this breed in terms of the length of the coat.  It can be of different diameters of length, both long and short. Species have been presented where they have a combination of long and short hair. The males sometimes are born with horns, but the great majority are born without them.

Usually, the ears are straight, ears that are hanging in this breed are not allowed. Its personality is considered as very docile and very friendly. Although a characteristic of males is sometimes they have a bad smell. The female of this species, on the other hand, has efficient milking, although its size is very small.

In general, females produce 3 kilos of milk per day. Although this production is less than most Swiss goats, the protein content of the milk produced by this breed is quite high. Like the fat percentage which is high, making the milk of the golden guernsey goat rich enough to produce buttermilk.

Characteristics that compensate for the small output of liters per day. The height of this species is between 65 and 70 centimeters. And the weight of this breed is between 55 and 70 kilograms.


Golden Guernsey goat is dairy goat since they produce a good milk production, which is rich for the preparation of cheeses and yogurt. Also because of its docile nature, this breed can be used as a domestic breed. Being very good at interacting with humans, and does not exhibit rage or anger behavior, making it perfect for homes with small children. Due to its temperament and the good quality of milk, it is one of the preferred breeds to include in domestic animals.

Special Characteristics:

Gold Guernsey’s goats work well with people and are not too aggressive to be around children. It is mainly dairy goats since their bodies are more delicate of bones than other breeds. What makes them less appropriate to work with cars or other things.

To be considered within this breed it must not present black color on the coat. Similarly, this breed can not have very large places with white in the coat. Due to the export of males from Guernsey Island, the set of genes will become smaller. That is why the breeders have implemented the monitoring of the production of males. As well as the realization of artificial insemination to follow the procreation of this breed.

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