Best Characteristics Details of Irish Goat

The Irish goat is a breed that has developed in Ireland. However, its origin comes from some islands in northern Europe. It is the product of goat crosses from England. Even the name of this species was used for the first time in England. Even this race was the only breed raised in Ireland until the early 1900s.

Characteristics of Irish Goat:

Irish goat is a medium-sized breed. The coat of this species is black, white and even gray. In the same way, there are goats of this breed that are presented with combined colors of fur. In addition, the cost of this race is thick and long, from which an excellent cashmere is produced. This is ideal for this breed since it protects them when there are cold climates.

Another characteristic of this breed is that it has beards and whiskers. Both the males and the females have horns, only that this breed the horns of the male become much larger than those of the female. The horns are straight and it has a curvature in the middle, which causes the horns to be directed to the sides.

In addition to the horns, the weight of this breed also favors the males, since it can weigh between 50 and 75 kg. While females can weigh between 35 and 60 kg. The females of this species are very good at producing milk, reaching up to 750 kg of milk per year. This breed adapts easily, also is even agile, and feels calm in very steep and rocky places.


Irish Goat is a multipurpose breed, which is produced for the production of milk, meat, skin, and wool. But the use that is most common in this breed is the production of meat and milk. Even the leathers of this breed are used. Some breeders, once the goats die, have used the horns as containers or ornaments.

In addition, the meat of this breed is high in protein and with low-fat content. Another characteristic of the meat of this breed is that it is very tasty. Many people seek it to consume it.


Irish goat is a breed that feeds outdoors, can survive by feeding on grasses, mountains, herbs, leaves, grains and some vegetables. In the same way, the breeder can add the feed of the diet goat. But if the forage is scarce or of low quality can survive with a poor diet.

When this breed is raised in mini-farms, it can feed on intensive grazing. Even this breed has been used to clean land, but it is recommended that breeders first check the land to eliminate poisonous plants.

Special Characteristics:

The breeders can know the age of the Irish goat from the rings that it has on the horns. In addition, this breed can survive in very steep places, and of little accessibility. This breed can endure and live in places where the cold is very strong, his wool layer helps him to resist these conditions.

Due to the number of individuals of this race, society was created that promotes care and makes the goat increase in number. And this society was formed because a group of people realized that this race was on the way to extinction.

Society has even encouraged people to introduce this breed into households, and so be raised by small farmers. It has also been careful not to mix this race with other species and thus not diminish the purity of this species.

Nowadays society is implementing the creation of a genealogical book in order to have a record of how many individuals there are and that this breed is pure. When there was a boom of this breed, it was possible to export to England and Scotland. There are herds of goats of this breed, but they are always led by a female, while the males are the group and form their herd of singles. Even this race considers it part of the patrimony since at some time saved many lives. Since this race became the cow of people with limited resources.

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