Kamori Goat: Its Unique Appearance, Origin and Uses

The Kamori goat is a breed of goat that originates from Japan. Kamori goats are known for their distinctive appearance and hardiness. They have a short, square body with short legs and a long shaggy coat which can come in many colors such as black, white, or brown. Kamori goats were originally bred as pack animals because they could carry heavy loads on steep mountain paths without tiring quickly. Kamori goats became popular among Japanese samurai warriors who valued the animals’ meat and milk ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The Kamori goat’s unusual appearance has made them very popular pets in some areas of the world!

Characteristics of Kamori Goat:

The Kamori Goat is a goat that has a different body structure. It is a large and medium-sized breed. The body is usually long, they also have long legs, and they are tall enough. They have long, drooping ears, as well as a long neck, which brings some elegance to this breed. But this breed has a small tail.

Both the male and female have horns, which are small, and have a curvature and are directed towards the sides and upwards. In addition to having very particular fur, usually, the coat is dark brown which predominates throughout the body.

And with light brown spots, around the whole body, which does not have a defined pattern. In addition, it also meets the coat of reddish-brown, white and even black. It is a large goat, the male weighs up to 60 Kg. While adult women reach 50 Kg. The females of this breed have well-developed udders, and they produce about 1.5 to 2 liters of milk per day. They have an annual production of 280 kg of milk. And they have a duration of 120 days of lactation.


The Kamori Goat is a double-purpose breed, usually used for milk production. Although it is also used for meat production, however, it is not the strength of this breed. In addition, this breed is used to crossbreed with other species. One of the races with which it crosses is the Prairie and it is because both are close geographically.

And the offspring of these races is a species that inherit the height, and the same body of the Kamori Goat. However, since it is not a pure breed, it is of a lower price than the Kamori race. This was the main reason to create a hybrid of the Kamori goat breed, to produce an economic race accessible to people.


The Kamori Goat is a breed that can feed on intense grazing systems. In the same way, it can be fed in systems by stables. This breed is resistant to goats, which is why they can feed on the environment that surrounds them without affecting milk production or flavor.

The breeder can also feed this breed whit hay, alfalfa, green vegetables, and plenty of water. If the breeders can and are within their means they can add certain cereals to the diet of this breed. Among them, oats, rice, and mani stand out. That would complement the feeding of the goat.

Special Characteristics:

The Kamori Goat is a breed that is commercialized very easily and at a high value, and this is due to the particular characteristics of body and fur. Kamori Goat is a tough breed and can adapt to different climates. The Kamori race is a breed that was in danger of extinction, but it was not until 2007 and early 2008 that projects were carried out to improve agriculture in Pakistan. One of the projects carried out was the improvement, shelter, and recovery of the Kamori goat breed.

Which not only served to recover the species, but to improve the quality of life of people put to raise goats, and sell them people could improve their economy. And since it is a rare breed, the breeder could sell them at a good price. As long as the production of milk and the sale of the species does not adversely affect the number of individuals that are of this breed.

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