Kri Kri Goat Farming and Characteristic Details

The Kri Kri goat is native to the island of Crete and other islands close to it. It is a very old breed of goats, so much that archaeological remains have been found, with the image of this species. In the 60s it was on the verge of extinction, by that time there were about 200 individuals of this species. And this race was used for consumption at the end of the second world war.

When in danger, its place of residence was decreed as a national park. Race has become a symbol of the island of Crete, so they have used it even for tourism. And in the culture of the island, this species has high value. The main characteristics that made this species worthy of being a symbol of Crete are agility, speed, and that it can be calm without its surroundings noticing its presence. In addition, it was believed that this race came from the wild goat. However, it was found that it is a diversity of the domestic goat.


The Kri Kri goat is a medium-sized breed. Adult males of this species can weigh up to 90 Kg. While the females of this species weigh between 25 and 45 Kg. The males of this species are much larger than the females, which is why they can be easily identified.

The coat of this species is short and shiny, and reddish-brown during summer, which becomes darker and denser in winter. And it has some shading on the face, as well as some black stripes that extend along the back and legs.

Another characteristic that differentiates males from females of this species is that males have a beard. Both the females and the males have horns, however, sometimes there are female goats that are born without them.

The horns of this species are very large, measuring up to 90 centimeters in males. They are dark brown, and have a certain curvature and are tilt backward. The horns of this species have rings, which serve to calculate the age since with each year a ring is added. This breed is usually found in mountainous regions.

That is why the race is resistant and has the peculiarity of walking with very steep places. Also, it can make broad enough breaks. They can get to live in places of difficult access, they reach places of 2400 meters high. Kri kri goat is a race that distances itself from human populations because it fears them.

This breed is a resistant breed that can be in different areas, and can easily adapt to places that few people or animals can inhabit. In addition, this breed may be able to live in different climates.


Kri Kri Goat was used as a breed to consume its meat since it produces tender and tasty meat. However, due to the decline of its species, the consumption and poaching of it are prohibited.


The Kri Kri goat is a breed that, because it lives in open spaces, feeds on grasses, herbs, and weeds. Although the grasslands have become insufficient, so they have not fed well, and there are many goats of this species that have fallen ill.

Special Characteristic:

Kri Kri Goat is a breed in danger of extinction since there are around 2000 individuals of this species that are living outdoors. And there are almost 100 individuals who are in captivity. And even though it is an endangered breed there are still hunters who hunt it for its meat.

Although there are rules on that island that prohibit the hunting of this breed. Another factor that has affected this breed is the crossing with other species, which has diminished the purity of this breed.

These goats are also known as Bezoar goats. And this is because there are things that eat this species such as hair or fiber and accumulate in the stomach, this mass does not pass through the intestine. This breed is the largest mammal that can be obtained in the city of Crete.

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