Tips on the Best Breeds for Meat Goats

The goats like the pigs and other farm animals are usually raised with one scope in mind. They are either raised for the milk they give or for the meat that they can offer as well. It is rare that the goats are raised just for the fun of it or because they are great with children. The goats are not complex animals and sure. They can be fun from time to time, but let’s be serious, the people that raise them have something else in mind. Here are some examples of goats that are raised for their meat production:

The Boer Breed:

This breed of goats is raised purposely for its meat production. This is because some of the male goats can actually end up weighing to even 300 pounds. That is a lot for a simple goat. You can imagine that the meat is lean and not very heavy on the stomach though.

What is more important concerning this breed of goats is the fact that they actually reproduce on a regular basis and they are not so prone to getting ill any time soon. They can be recognized for their white hair and they usually have a brown head as well.

The Kalahari Breed:

The Red Kalahari Breed can be found mostly in the African regions. Compared with other breeds this one is mostly raised for its meat production. Being such a tall and long goat, it can give a lot of meat to the owner.

This is why it is raised mainly by the owners as it is simpler to get the quantities of meat needed. The Red Kalahari breed is actually easy to recognize as it is of course of the red color, brownish-red. This breed has one of the most tender meats and this is a great advantage to the owners.

The Nubian Breed:

This is one of the most popular breeds of goats. They have raised for their meat production as well as their milk production. This means that this would be a great breed to have on a farm. This breed of goat is usually brown colored and it can be slimmer than the usual breeds.

The meat is lean as well. The male goat can end up weighing almost 170 pounds. The Nubian breed is easily found and easily acquired as it does reproduce quite often as well.

The Black Bengal:

Of course, taken after its name, this type of breed is found in Bangladesh. This is a goat that has a black color and it looks odd in comparison with the others. The goats are not very tall and they do not grow to be very heavy but they are good because they produce lean meat as well.

The goats themselves are used for two purposes, for their meat as well as for their milk production. In Bangladesh, people actually use it for its coat as well. It can keep people warm during the night and in the colder seasons.

The Verata Breed:

This breed is also odd-looking. It has some weirdly shaped horns and this is what they are recognized for. They are not big and heavy animals but they are regarded for their meat production mostly. They can produce milk as well but it is not something that they are appreciated for in particular. The Verata breed can be found in Spain in Vera, thus the name.

This type of goat can actually breed in a prolific way if it has good conditions. The breed can be recognized by its hair as well as it is dark-colored.

The Kiko Breed:

This breed has been created recently because it does have almost 20 years since. The breed has been developed in New Zealand and it has been developed only with this purpose in mind, to produce meat.  The meat is lean and easy to consume. Another advantage of this breed of goat is the fact that it can actually survive in all types of living conditions.

It doesn’t take a lot in order to maintain it and so they are the perfect type of goat to raise at the farm. The Kiko is usually recognized by its white fur.

The Spanish Breed:

This goat comes from Spain of course, as the name says. This is a breed of goat that is highly active and has an interesting color. It is recognized for its brown and golden fur. This breed is specially kept for its meat production but it does produce some milk as well.

Their breeds of goats do actually survive in all sorts of climates and they reproduce fairly easily as well. They have lean meat that is very healthy as well. Because they are kept for their meat production and that is why they are usually pushed to reproduce out of their mating season as well.

The Rangeland Breed:

This breed comes from Australia and most of the meat that can be found on the market comes from it. These goats are very majestic and they are sturdy and tend to weigh a lot as well. They are usually recognized for their white and brown fur. This type of breed is considered the best breed of goat to have as it can actually be kept very easily.

These goats survive even harsh climates. They can survive even the places where the conditions are usually dry. These breeds of goats are great for people who want to get on the meat market. The goats are not so popular with most people but it is well known that they tend to have leaner meat and they can be consumed in a lot of methods.

That is why most owners do actually prefer to raise the goats for their meat and not their milk production. Because they reproduce so easily it makes them even more desirable by the people who own farms as well. The small producers can get some great profit from them usually.

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