Peacock Goat: Lifespan Details of Goat

The Peacock goat is a goat that became known in the late 1880s and originated in Switzerland. The name of this breed comes from the colors of its fur. Although on several occasions it was proposed to change its name, in which the mention of the colors of the coat of this breed arose. This race emerged from the crossing of the grison and tessin races. And many people came to believe that peacock goat was a variety of grinson. So much so that by crossing the breed a lot under the number of pure breeds of both the Peacock race and the grison race. And although this breed is very old it was not recognized until the beginning of the 90s. And on several occasions, this race was in danger of extinction.

Peacock Goat

Characteristics of Peacock Goat:

The Peacock goat is a medium-sized breed. The males of this breed weigh around 75 Kg. And reach a height of 80 centimeters. While females weigh up to 60 Kg. And reach a height of 75 centimeters. The coat of this species is white, black, gray.

In addition, the color that predominates in the body is the color white, the black is concentrated in the face, in the chest and in the legs. Although there are white patches in the black area which are not uniform. The coat becomes medium, although it is thick.

The advantage that the coat is thick is that the insects do not bother them, because they are trapped in the mane. They have stripes on their faces that are born from the horns, these stripes form a V.

In addition, this race has horns that are large, and have a curvature, tilted backward. The horns are dark in color. We are in front of a race that is resistant and also that are very resistant, adapt easily to climates and walk in the mountains. They are so resistant that they can be outside for a long time, they can even get bitten by insects without affecting them.


The Peacock goat is a double-purpose race. It is usually produced for milk production as well as for meat production. They have a docile character, and they are easy to tame, this makes them a perfect breed to have as a pet.

And even if they are not good at milking they produce enough milk for the consumption of the small goats. It even produces the same amount of milk as common goats. In addition, females produce milk with protein concentrate, which makes small goats grow fast and gain weight.


The Peacock goat is not a demanding or expensive breed because it can be maintained with intense grazing systems. And they do not like to eat mixed foods that is why the breeders feed them with grass. Or they are kept in a stable and fed on forage and cereals.

And it is not necessary that your diet consists of food of excellent quality. They can feed on forages of low quality and equal stay. And so they feed on pastures and fodder of low quality, this will not affect the production of meat or the production of milk.

Special Characteristics:

There is something funny is that the name of this race arose because of the error of a journalist when making an article in the newspaper. And the letter missing the name of this species is Peacock goat. Today there are about 300 individuals of this species. And it was about the year they accepted this race that a foundation was created that protected this race.

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