Sirohi Goat: A Meat and Milk Producing Goat from India

The Sirohi goat has its name from the city of Sirohi in eastern India. For what can be found both in the city of India and in the surrounding places. Where there are litters that are formed between 50 to 300 individuals. In the same way, there are places in India where they produce this race but on a large scale to produce their meat.

Sirohi Goat

Characteristics of Sirohi Goat:

The Sirohi goat is a medium-size double-purpose breed that is used for meat production and milk production. The body of this breed is compact, and females of this breed are usually a little larger than males.

Both the females and the males of this breed have horns, but these are small, which are upwards and with a backward curvature. The females weigh up to a maximum of 35 kilos and reach a height of 72 centimeters, in addition, the body will be 67 cm. long.

While the males weigh a maximum of 30 kilos and have a height of 71 centimeters, and the body will be 65 cm. long. Although individuals of this breed have been found that weigh up to 50 kilos. Although the milk production of this breed is lower compared to other breeds.

In general, females of this breed can produce between 0.5 and less than 1 kilo of milk per day. In addition, the lactation period of this breed is between 4 to 5 months in a year. The maximum that has been obtained is a total of 80 kg. of milk in a full period of lactation.

The females have is that they are in heat twice a year. And deliveries are usually mostly multiple births or twins, having a lower percentage of births that are individual. Leaving in a lower percentage the triplet births since they are very unlikely to be carried out in this breed.

This breed is apt to procreate between 18 and 20 months of age. And the newborn goats have a weight between 2 and 3 kilos. In addition, this race has a brown coat with stains with lighter or darker tones.

Although can also get this race in white. Usually, the coat of this species is abundant enough but it is short, they even have beards. As for the ears of this breed have the very particular form of a leaf, are medium-sized and have some fall.


The Sirohi goat is a double-purpose breed that is used for both meat production and milk production. Although this breed does not have such high values for milk production, it has good flavor and is of good quality. While meat is highly traded in India.


The Sirohi goat is a breed that likes to feed itself with intensive grazing. Although it can also adapt to being fed by breeders, although it can be fed with grazing it needs certain nutrients to be able to develop.

Among that good quality hay, cereals, green fodder, barley, among others. The good thing is that this breed has a good nutritional conversion, converting everything it consumes into weight and muscle.

That is why it grows rapidly, only if it is constantly fed good food. Both the males and the adult females need rations of food that are between 3 and 5 kilos of food.

Special Characteristics:

That the breeders can trade with the meat of the Sirohi goat breed, has to do with several factors. Which will say if this generates a profit, among them, are the food that is supplied to the goats, as this will influence the taste of the meat.

As well as the quality of the breed, as well as the care and upbringing that was given to the breed, in addition to having the promotion of the meat to sell. It is a breed that is resistant in terms of diseases as well as climatic conditions. Since it adapts and survives in places with arid zones and hot climates.

And even though the race is raised in precarious places, it can still grow quickly. Since the development and gain weight is one of the characteristics of this breed. Due to the good quality of the meat of this breed, it has been distributed to most of the states in India. They develop so fast, that if this breed has a good diet at 8 months of age it is considered an adult goat.

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