Somali Goat: The Best Goat Breed for Meat Eaters

The Somali Goat has its name from its place of origin than in Somalia Kenya. The Somalia species has been developed and adapted to the environment in which it has developed. Although this adaptation is due to a strong imposition influenced mostly by the environment. Raising Somali goats is a rewarding investment. This goat breed is known for its meat production, which makes it a great option for those who are looking to raise their own livestock and produce food from them. Somali goats have been around since the early 1800s, when they were imported into Kenya from Somalia by Somali pastoralists. The Somali goat has become well-respected in Africa as one of the best breeds for both milk and meat production.

Characteristics of Somali Goat:

The Somali Goat is a medium-sized breed that weighs in adult males around 70 Kg. While females of this species weigh at least between 45 and 55 Kg. They have short ears and are straight sideways. Although this breed is also found with long ears, it is only a variation.

The difference is that short-eared goats inhabit northern Somalia. While the long-eared goats of this species inhabit south of Somalia. Another difference between this variation of this breed is that the short-eared goat is smaller in size than the long-eared goat.

In general, short-eared goats can measure between 62 and 65 cm. High. While the long ears of this species reach between 69 and 76 cm high. In addition, this race has a short coat, usually, they are white or brown, and sometimes they have spots.

Another characteristic is that the female and the male of this species have horns. And they have the advantage of being resistant, although this species faces strong climate changes such as drought. The females can produce milk even though they do not have a water supply, reaching to produce the amount of 3 kilograms per day.


Somali Goat is a breed used mainly for the production of its meat. Although the breeder can also get good quality milk, from which butter can be obtained and even for medicinal purposes. This breed is also bred for the production of fur. That is why the Somali goat enters into the races that are multipurpose. The breeders are benefited since the females of this species are resistant.

And they can produce large quantities of milk, in climates that are not conducive and do not have water for long periods. Somali Goat has received the name of the queen of the milk since it can produce good quantities of milk and of good quality in an arid climate. Even the variation of short-ear and long ears produce the same amount of milk daily and can be milked for long periods of time.


Somali Goat can feed on what they find in the environment that surrounds them, such as mountains, branches, among others. Since they are a tough breed. However, there are some breeders that feed this breed with wheat, peanuts, hay, and other vegetables to ensure the production of good quality milk. With the last mentioned foods can achieve weight gain, in addition to the good confirmation of muscles. What guaranteed a good production of meat.

Special Characteristics:

The Somali goat is a breed that has been selected for its resistance since it lives and stays in spaces that are harmful to other species. There are even other species of goats that have adapted to other areas of Somalia since the communities in these places do not appreciate milk as much.

On the other hand, the areas where the Somali goat is is because it also adapted and survives in those places, it is also due to the need of the people. The two outstanding characteristics of this breed are the milk production and the excellent survival and strength of this breed.


The meat of this species has a good flavor and is of good quality that even people in that area can consume up to 7 times a week. Which is a really high rate. Even studies were conducted which resulted in people from neighboring Somalia preferring to eat Somali goat meat in front of the meat of other species.

Even culturally speaking the people of Somalia maintain the preference to buy goat meat of this species. This is already a tradition, which is passed from generation to generation. That yes the people buy this type of meat while it remains fresh.

In addition, the meat of this species is of good taste and good quality that has even been exported to the United States. Although consumption in that country is much less than the amount of meat consumed in Somalia.

In addition, in recent years, consumption figures have increased in the United States. Another reason why this breed is raised is that it is a source of income for the country. Some data show that only for 2011, 200 million dollars were obtained when exporting this species. Saudi Arabia is the one that obtains 70% of the export.

In addition, the introduction of this breed into homes has meant an improvement in the economy. Since it is women who have to market both milk and meat. And finally, the race has been used as barter by the breeders, for the obtaining of other species.

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