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Tips On Goat Farming

Goat farming has become a very profitable business especially since goats are multi-functional. Many farmers have realized that they can keep goats for milk, meat, fiber and many other purposes such as goat shows. All these reasons for goat rearing are profitable but only if the farmer knows how to take proper


Goat vs Cow farming

Farming of goats and cows is very popular among many farmers in different places. There are so many things to consider when you are trying to make a choice between the two. Farming is a very profitable venture because people will always eat and drink milk. As you try to make a


Goat Farming in USA

Of all red meat, goat meat is the healthiest. This is because goats survive on pasture and the meat that is got from these animals has a low content of saturated fat. Goats feed on bush honeysuckle, tough vines, and several shrubs. These are found in the land that is hardly ever


Anglo Nubian Goat Lifespan

The Anglo Nubian goat breed was developed in England, created towards the end of the 19th century. This breed is the product of crossbreeding of Jamnapari breeds from India and stallions of the Zaraibi type Egypt. Since this race is descended from races of the Middle East, this breed inherits the characteristics


Barbari Goat Information & Guide

The Barbari Goat is a race that originated in the east of the African continent. Currently, this breed is obtained in several regions throughout India. The name of this breed comes from its area of origin, which is Bebera in the region of Somalia. Although it is still not explained how the


Black Bengal Goat Lifespan Profile

The Black Bengal Goat is a race its origin is found in both Pakistan and India. Even today this breed is achieved in those areas. Characteristics: The Black Bengal Goat is a small breed. The weight of this breed for adult males is 25 to 30 kilos and it measures 53 centimeters


Verata Goat Breeds Lifespan Details

The name of Verata goat has its origin in La Vera, Northeast Region of the province of Caceres considered as the cradle of the race. Traditionally, the occupation area of the Verata breed has been located at the confluence of the provinces of Caceres, Avila, and Toledo. In recent decades there has


Sirohi Goat Bread Information

The Sirohi goat has its name from the city of Sirohi in eastern India. For what can be found both in the city of India and in the surrounding places. Where there are litters that are formed between 50 to 300 individuals. In the same way, there are places in India where they produce this