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Anglo Nubian Goat Lifespan

The Anglo Nubian goat breed was developed in England, created towards the end of the 19th century. This breed is the product of crossbreeding of Jamnapari breeds from India and stallions of the Zaraibi type Egypt. Since this race is descended from races of the Middle East, this breed inherits the characteristics


Characteristics details of Changthangi goat

Changthangi goat is a breed that comes from India from a region that usually has a cold climate. The origin of this race comes from the coldest area of India called Changpa from there comes its name. Although it is also known as Pashmina goat. Characteristics: Changthangi goat is a medium-sized breed.


Tips on why should people choose Nubian Goat

Most people do not understand the fact that the goats are in fact actually complex creatures. They come in different shapes and sizes and they have different needs and struggles as well. There is a lot of breed of goats and some of them are raised for the milk production and others are