Verata Goat Breeds Lifespan Details

The name of Verata goat has its origin in La Vera, Northeast Region of the province of Caceres considered as the cradle of the race. Traditionally, the occupation area of the Verata breed has been located at the confluence of the provinces of Caceres, Avila, and Toledo. In recent decades there has been a displacement of the race from the area of origin. From the Vera to the Navalmoral de la Mata region, in the area of Los Ibores. There is a great interrelation between the last goatherds that inhabit the slopes of the Sierra de Gredos and the Verata breed.

So much so that the decline of this breed is associated with the gradual disappearance of these ranchers. Surveys have been carried out of goat herds in the area where they found that these animals in purity are almost disappeared. And that in their place crosses and races of milk production are imposed with which they can not compete.

Characteristics of Verata Goat:

Verata goat is an animal with marked sexual dimorphism, of the straight or sub-concave profile, geometric and of medium proportions, tending to shorten. The coat of this race is generally of dark tonality, mainly of chestnut color. Sometimes with degradation’s of different colors in certain areas of the body, among them the following stand out.

There are the Cardenas layers, the layers revolted with dark coloration with a black ribbon on the lake of the cervical region, back, and loins. The ribbons have 2 stripes on the sides of the face, arising at the base of the horns and reaching the mouth. Degradations of white color in the ears and mouth are also common.

The horns are of the Prisca type, broad at the base, separate in their first third and acquire a spiral shape outwards and upwards. The format of the Verata goat, although it is variable. Oscillates around a live weight of the males of 70-80 kg. with some raised to the cross around 76 cm. While females weigh between 45 to 55 kg and reach a height of about 68 cm.

The size of the flocks of this race ranges between 150-300 heads. The management of the herd is little technician, the facilities are usually quite deficient. Based on old buildings, giving a high number of them without electric light.

Its productive orientation is dual purpose meat-milk. Highlighting its excellent meat qualities due to the rapid growth of the little goat together with its high performance in a slaughterhouse as well as its high quality.


The Verata race has some innate values among which we can highlight its rusticity. As well as the adaptation to different media, from an area of a medium and high mountain to areas with little undergrowth.

Ita goat is a breed that is used for both milk and meat production. The little goat has an excellent meat quality and milk could be said to be dense, oily and very aromatic. In the production centers, a high-quality homemade cheese is made, call “Cheese of the Vera”.


Verata goat is an animal of great rusticity, exploited in grazing in the semi-extensive regime. That is to say, they take advantage of the grazing resources of the environment and receive a small amount of food. The food they receive is in the form of a concentrate when they return to the herd and in times of peak performance such as breastfeeding or childbirth. In addition, the flavor of the milk of this goat is due to its feeding.

Among them, the juniper, the oak leaf, the acorns, the figs and the tender leaf of the bramble stand out. They are treats that this animal can’t resist. As well as the purity of the water that flows from numerous sources and the one that comes down from the throats contribute to enhancing the flavor and the properties of this food.

Special Characteristics:

Currently, the Verata breed in Spain was placed in the group of autochthonous breeds in danger of extinction. In 1996, the National Association of Breeders of the Verata Breed was established. Which performs an important job of recovery and selection of the breed. They also carry out milk and meat controls in order to obtain the best yields. And promote the dissemination of this precious autochthonous race.

The Verata goat is a strong and intelligent animal. This breed has adapted to the difficulties of the land and whose milk has its own characteristics. Also, this breed is strong enough to benefit from grass in areas that are not favorable Currently this breed is distributed in farm scatters in different regions.

The great challenge of the race is to ensure the permanence of farms, due to the problems of generational change, Counting for it with the endorsement of being an animal that adapts perfectly to its environment. Currently, work is underway to implement a genetic improvement program that helps the viability and profitability of livestock.

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