West African Dwarf Goat: Breeds and Varieties of Goats

The West African dwarf goat is native and nowadays is in Sierra Leone. This breed is descended from the Nigerian dwarf goat and the Dutch pygmy. And in that place is where this goat has developed and adapted to the environment that develops. Scientists believe that this breed evolves from the environment that surrounds it and became resistant to both climatic conditions and diseases. In addition, many farmers use it as a source of income, since it serves as much for the production of meat as for obtaining milk.

Characteristics of West African Dwarf Goat:

The West African dwarf goat is a breed of small size as its name implies, its stature is between 30 and 50 centimeters in height. The weight varies, for males of this species, it is between 20 and 25 Kg. While the females weigh between 18 to 22 Kg.

Both the male and the female of this breed have horns, which curve backward and outwards. The neck is long enough, however, this breed has the peculiarity of having legs of short size. There are certain colors that are admitted in this breed, among them red, black and sometimes they are born white.

The color that is most common of this breed is brown fur with black spots. It is a multipurpose breed since the breeder can get meat, milk of good quality, as well as wool and leather. They can also be uncolored, as well as multicolored. So farmers are very likely to raise this breed and take advantage of everything that produces this breed.

The females are able to procreate once they are 12 months old. The period between delivery and another birth comes to be between 220 days. Another characteristic of this breed is that births are usually births of twins or triplets, which are very common in multiple births.


The West African dwarf goat is a multipurpose breed, its milk of good quality serves for consumption and for the production of whey. Also wool and leather are excellent. And also the meat that it produces is of good quality, although it is a small breed, it obtains diverse benefits from it.

Another function that this race has is to clear land. Also because of the calm temperament, many people have implemented this breed as a pet in their homes.


The West African dwarf goat in terms of food is not very demanding. Although it is a multipurpose breed does not require special diets to produce. They are good pasture consumers. That is why farmers use it as a pruning race of shrubs.

Characteristic for which they have earned the name of mountain goats. In addition, farmers are highly benefited as they use this breed to prepare the land for livestock.

In addition, they are resistant, since they can ingest certain vegetables that could be harmful to the cattle and for the sheep. Since when consumed they can be poisoned, however, this race can consume it without presenting any damage to their health.

Being a benefit for farmers, since the investment in food is minimal, compared to everything they receive from this breed.

Special Characteristics:

In addition to the aforementioned uses, the West African dwarf goat is seen as a representation of love. That is why in Sierra Leone they use it in ceremonies as offerings to the gods.

In addition, with the meat of this breed, they prepare a dish as a sign of the joy of the arrival of visitors. Although there are not many farmers raising this species, the breed is maintained but in small quantities.

A characteristic of this breed is that they are highly resistant, in the region where they are raising there are certain infections that are fatal for other breeds. However, this breed resists these intestinal infections more than other domestic breeds.

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